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Candy Box Flask

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ke candy…sounds like candy… but WAY BETTER than candy!

This realistic theater size candy box is custom designed to hold FIVE ounces of your favorite beverage. Each package includes 5 of our popular mini-flasks (holds 1 oz each) that fit perfectly (and secretly) in the box.

Our leak proof, screw cap, mini-flasks are BPA free and are made from food grade plastic. Shoot, you can even customize your Candy Box by filling each flask with a different booze of your choice; vodka, tequila, rum – top shelf, bottom shelf. You can mix it up anytime, anywhere!

Our Candy Box is compact and easily fits in any pocket, purse, tote, backpack or diaper bag. Your Candy Box will be your best friend; always there when you need it. In addition to saving money at expensive venues and cruises, you should also keep it handy for…

1. Desk at work – You never know when you’re gonna have a bad day.
2. During parent duty – Soccer games, recitals, lessons, you get the gist.
3. Crazy family functions – Sometimes you just gotta spike the punch.
4. Glove compartment – Anywhere you go… your flask will go too.

When you need a nip, just take a sip!

Also includes a handy mini funnel for an easy, no mess fill.

* Additional Candy Boxes and Mini-Flasks are also sold separately.

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