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Jalapeno Jeaven

Here’s are a couple of recipes to help you get started. There’s no limit to what you can stuff into a jalapeño to have a great snack. Experiment and have fun with it. If you get stuck, go to Google and search for Stuffed Jalapeno Recipes and you’ll be greeted with hundreds of variations, many of which are sure to satisfy even the more discriminate of eater. Enjoy!

Don’t forget we’d also love to have your favorite Jalapeno recipes. We’re building a cookbook with YOUR recipes. So, send us your favorites, we’ll try them out and if they make the cut we’ll include them in our upcoming cookbook “Jalabueno Cooking”. You’ll be famous when we publish your name next to your recipe in this customer inspired cookbook. Fire up your grills, ovens, and cooktops and perfect those recipes. The only requirement is that the recipe MUST contain Jalapeno. There’s extra credit if it includes unique spices found only here at Jalapeno Jeaven. Send your recipes to Please be sure to include your complete name along with your city and state so we can give you credit when we publish your jalapeno creation. Pictures are welcome but not necessary.

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