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Peno Berry - Dipping Sauce

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It's a collision of jalapeño and berry you've got to try!
Size 8 oz.

Recommended for: Burgers & Brats, excellent dip with cream cheese, or use to spice up any of your own recipes.

Salvy Sousa is Made in the USA - Arkansas City, KS

We Dare Ya!
We are hell-bent on having spectacular meals at every setting. Food should be an experience and enjoyed with every moment, from prep to the grill to the table. Enjoy our marinades, condiments and sauces. Don't forget to check out our kitchen and taste-bud tested recipes, we dare ya!  BUY our Specialty sauces online.

    Gram Berry - A whole new twist to cranberry sauce.
    Riff Raff - Our very popular mushroom, vegetable and pork chop marinade.
    OMG BBQ Sauce - The name says it all!
    Shakem Up Steak Sauce - Compliments any cut of steak.
    Sweet N' Sassy - Only pansies use pickle relish! Try "Sweet N Sassy" jalapeño relish. It burns so good!
    Boom Boom Hot Sauce 2nd Gear - This hot sauce knocks your socks off and leaves you sayin' "BOOM!"
    Boom Boom Hot Sauce 4th Gear - It has all the flavor of the 2nd gear, but we cranked up the heat!
    Rev It Up Ketchup - Only a sissy would use plain ketchup.
    Bloody Bull Bloody Mary Mix - Da bomb of da Bloody Mary Mixes!  Also great in soups, chilis and sauces!

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