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3-Variety Honey Sampler Pack

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3-Variety Honey Sampler Pack
This sampler gives you the chance to taste three distinct honeys with unique floral origins, all from flowers in the rainforests of Patagonia.

Each jar contains a full ounce of honey, perfect for group tastings (or for one person who just can’t resist finishing the whole jar…you know who you are!)

Tineo Honey  – This honey is characterized by its intensely warm and floral aroma that allow its “flower garden” sensations to linger on the palate. As a special treat, Tineo honey surprises you with a spiced aftertaste.

Rainforest Honey ­– This honey combines a fruity, almond flavor with traces of vanilla aroma and a smooth, fresh texture.

Ulmo Honey – This honey carries notes of lavender and mint, and its soft texture and fine crystallization make it fondu-esque. Ulmo honey is also recognized for its impressive antibacterial properties, similar to Manuka honey.

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