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A Starter Kit With Bug Buster/Mini Mop Head

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ALL you need to get started with the New Waterless Wash Wax Mop and Bug Buster/Mini Mop. Special includes:

  • One 15" wide Mop head
  • One 5" wide Bug Buster/Mini Mop 
  • Deluxe Mop Pole
  • Two (2) Microfiber Mop Pads
  • PLUS a pack of four (4) more Microfiber Mop pads
  • Two (2) Bug buster/Mini Mop Pads
  • a pack of four (4) Aero Towels
  • a gallon of Wash Wax ALL
  • a spray bottle
  • 16oz Wash Wax ALL (Degreaser)
  • 1 Aero Scrubber Pad with Handle
  • Aero Bag.

Total value if purchased separately $239.00.  For more information on each product in the Mop Kit, click on "ALL our Products"

Deluxe pole is covered by a 2 year warranty for manufacturing defects

High performance cleaning & waxing products for your Aircraft, Car, Tractor Trailer, Boat, Motorcycle & RV

Also you can buy other extra items, they are sold separate:

  • Deluxe Mop Pole
  • Professional Aluminum Pole
    • Extra Waterless Mop Heads
    • Waterless Mop Pads
    • Bug Buster
    • Towels
    • Diaper

    Now you can use a high performance aircraft cleaner wash & wax on your RV, Motorhome, Car, Boat, or Truck. Wash Wax ALL leaves an anti-static UV protective coating that repels dirt and moisture. Wash Wax ALL meets Boeing Aircraft cleaning specifications D6-17487P, D6-7127M, AirBus 09-00-002, and McDonnell Douglass CDS #1.

    Wash Wax ALL was originally developed 28 years ago as an aviation cleaner and protector, and is widely used by private, corporate, and commercial aircraft operators for all their aircraft cleaning and detailing needs. Wash Wax ALL has also been found to be excellent as a waterless wash and wax for detailing your aircraft, car, RV, helicopter, boat, and watercraft.

    Wash Wax ALL is a multi-surface cleaner and wax in one product. It can be used two ways; as a "waterless wash," by spraying it directly on the dirty surface, and then wiping it off; or it can be used as a "wax as you dry" product, where you spray the Wash Wax ALL on the wet surface as you dry the vehicle, after a hose and bucket washing.

    Biodegradable and water-based, while both alcohol and ammonia free; Wash Wax ALL is safe to use on all surfaces that are safe to water, such as paint, plastic, chrome, aluminum, stainless, fiberglass, gel coat, leather, vinyl, rubber, glass, granite, and many more... One stop shopping for all your airplane, aircraft, RV, car, and boat cleaning products and detailing supplies.

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