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Alamo City Grilling Sauce

  • $ 599

Want an authentic taste of Texas? Our unique grilling sauce is just the right accompaniment for any meat or method of cooking it! Our blend of tomatoes, chipotle peppers, and a few other secret ingredients, blended with just the right amount of smoke, will keep you comin' back for more!


We haven't met a Texan who doesn't enjoy a good piece of meat! We've got some of the best tasting sauces and grilling sauces this side of the Pecos River. From a new Texas classic like raspberry chipotle sauce to our grandmother's sweet peach sauce, these flavorful jars can be used on anything from meat to dessert, and in any way from the oven to the grill. Perfect for making dinner tastier or a special treat just a little sweeter.  And don't forget, one of our favorite ways to impress with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce - the sweet, smoky sauce poured over a block of cream cheese and served with your favorite gourmet crackers. Serve it up and they're won't be any left. Promise!

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