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Blue Moose Fudge

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Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe is a manufacturer of premium copper-kettle fudge. Our gourmet fudge is handmade using only the finest ingredients including imported Belgian chocolate. It’s a difference you can taste in every bite.


Gourmet Artisan Fudge:

Our gourmet fudge is smooth and creamy (unlike normally gritty fudge).

Our fudge is handmade in copper kettles and stirred with maplewood paddles.

We use only premium ingredients including imported Belgian chocolate. 

We have over 20 delicious flavors of fudge.

Our fudge can be shipped in summer heat.

The shelf life on the fudge is about 4-6 months. (The fudge will lose moisture over time. Do not refrigerate the fudge, which causes the fudge to dry out faster. If there is a need for longer shelf life, the fudge can be frozen.)


Fudge sold by:

  • ~1/4 lb hand-wrapped slices
  • 1 lb gift box containing 4 hand-wrapped slices
  • 2 lb gift box containing 8 hand-wrapped slices
  • 5 lb bulk loaves - About $8.99 Lbs


Blue Moose Fudge Corporate Gifts:

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The perfect gift for your valued customers or employees!

Two Options for Box Graphics:

  • Customized Label and box with your brand/Logo
  • Blue Moose brand - 1 lb (or 2 lb) gift boxes containing 4 (or 8) hand-wrapped slices

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