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Chaheati Mossy Oak Maxx Heated Add On

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Travel Heated Seat Cover

Stay outdoors longer, doing what you love, with the Chaheati MAXX Heated Add On.  It is cordless, lightweight and portable so you can take it anywhere.  The rechargeable heating system has three settings and provides up to six hours of heat.  Now there’s no reason to pack it in early when the weather turns cool outside.  Just grab some heat with Chaheati.

  • Attaches to existing camping chairs with hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Woven heating technology (patent pending)
  • Includes 11.1 Volt Lithium rechargeable battery and charger
  • Push-button Control
  • Three temperature settings

      Take the luxury of your heated car seat wherever you go. Charge the Cheheati from home or car and enjoy a toasty seat anywhere. Maker Kyle Smith was enjoying a bonfire one chilly night when he realized that his wire kept getting out of her seat to warm her back. When he couldn't find a portable heat solution, he decided to make his own.

      Chaheati uses energy-efficient carbon fiber instead of heating coils, so there are no hot spots. The weather-resistant, durable design makes it great for heat tailgating, on a fall camping trip, or watching the kids game. The infrared technology and even heat are often used by therapists for deep muscle penetration.

      This is an easy to use product that is perfect for heating up your backside on a cold day. Going to kids games and sitting through all the excitement is more comfortable. It's light, easy to carry and heats pretty quickly. I have used it a couple of times indoors for back discomfort and I just put it on my living room chair and heat it up. Rechargeable battery too.

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