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Hair Spray Flask – 12oz

  • $ 995
  • Save $ 304

Everyone knows that women like to carry all their “stuff” with them – makeup, hairbrush, feminine products, and …hair spray. That’s why the HAIR SPRAY secret flask is the best choice when you want to save money and BYOB from home. Simply fill your hidden flask with your favorite drink and stow it in your purse, backpack or luggage. When you’re ready for a nip, just twist off the cap and pour some into your cup. It’s THAT easy with this custom flask that is designed to hide in plain sight!

  • Holds a whoppin’ 12 ounces
  • Saves money
  • Hide it in plain sight
  • Just fill & go
  • Food grade plastic flask
  • Reusable liquor flask
  • You’ll be the “mane” attraction!

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