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Jalapeno Grill Racks - Angel Grills

  • $ 3495

Jalapeno Grills are like no others!
You have your choice:
  1. Be the hit of the party when you bring enough to share. This grill is great for small to midsize gatherings. The Angel grill holds 15 peppers..
  2. Purchase the grill kit for just $5.00 more! Includes the grill and coring tool – a $6.95 value!
  3. Deluxe Angel Grill Gift Set - No need to choose what to buy with your grill, just buy it all! Our deluxe gift sets include the grill, the corer, the pepper picker and the cookbook.

Having trouble making up your mind? Let us make it up for you with our Deluxe Grill Gift Sets.
It’s the perfect gift and don’t forget, sometimes you have to treat yourself too!

Dim: 14.75L x 9.0W x 1.75H
Shipping Weight 1 lb 13 oz

  • Tired of your peppers falling through the holes or falling over and off your grill?
  • Can’t find enough of the right size peppers for your grill?
  • Do your inside peppers stay raw while your outside peppers burn?
  • Ever have your grill feet fall through the grill grate spilling your peppers into the coals?
  • Need special tools to carry your grill to and from the fire?
All of those issues and more are gone forever with the Jalapeno Grills from Jalapeno Jeaven!

Select your grill from our four popular sizes:
  • Cherub
  • Quarter
  • Angel
  • Jeavenly Host
We are proud to say all of our grills are hand crafted right here in Texas

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