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Combining style and personally our trendy vegan and versatile 'cross body' bag traverses boundaries and looks great for any occasions. Our style Brooke is whimsical, cruelty free and has panache with enough room and inside pockets to carry your smart phone, money and essentials you will be hands free and worry free!

Choice of color: Orange, Turquoise, Pink Passion, Citrus, Cobalt Blue, Peacan

–printed 100% RPET polyester
–top zipper closing
–real metal lock, feel and trim
–5' x 6' x 3 3/4¨
–multi zipper pockets
–50¨ adjustable strap

Going green has never has never looked so chic. Green Handbags, Eco-friendly handbags and vegan handbags all in one! Who would have imagined that plastic bottles could have transformed into a fashionable accessory? The iconic 'Birkin' style handbags look good on anyone's arm without the back braking price tag attached. At first glance, chic bags look like real leather with metal hardware; however upon closer examination, you will see that it is 100% RPET (polyester made from recycled plastic bottles) handbags have a crisp photo printed image that has tricked your eyes! The Underground Chic company partners with Trees for the Future., and for every handbag or cosmetic bag purchased a tree is planted.

Please pass the word on to your friends and family about our fun, fabulous and sustainable handbags!

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