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Flat weaving

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A classic in two colours, this elegant fouta never goes out of style and adapts to any situation.

Colors available:Bequia, Silence, Aurora, Cobot, LeRouge, Amundsen, Cook, Cortes, Etienne, Champlain, Polo, Colomb, LaPerousse, Cartier, Gama, Magellan


Weaving Flat
Material 100% Cotton
Size 38 x 79 inches / 1 x 2 mètres

Spread out on the sand, this fouta creates a perfect space…for two. Add two standard-sized foutas and you've got the perfect setup for beach-hopping in the Gaspe, a long-weekend getaway in Maine or a winter escape to the South. Indoors, the large size makes this fouta the perfect sofa cover or bed throw. It adds flair to your home and lets you dress up your decor to suit your every whim.

Wash product with cold water twice before using to get the best softness and absorption.

Famille Nomade introduces you to the fouta, a versatile cloth woven from 100%-cotton thread.
Wear it as a sarong at the beach or spa. Use it as a towel for you or your family, or as a guest towel.
It's also a must for decorating at home: as a tablecloth, a bed or sofa throw, or a decorative accent.
The fouta is a promise of warm, happy times among friends and family.
Simply pick your favorite weave and color.
The fouta is also an original and unique gift idea!

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