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Luggage Shelf - By RISE Gear

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Luggage Organizer Shilf Insert
Holds up to 20 lbs per shelf, 50 lbs total. Fit two in a 28" (or larger) suitcase.
Size 18 X 12 X 36" - Color Joyus Black
Hangs in a closet or on a door. Shelf hanging height is adjustable.
High-strength steel hooks.
No more unpacking on trips
Has compartments for clothes, underwear, shoes, and dirty clothes
Can be hung in closet rods or shower curtain rods to prevent contact with floor
Has dual front pockets for travel documents
Has bottom compartment for separating dirty/used clothes
Features soft, durable, and rubberized polyester that keeps contents dry 

RISER IS BEST AT - Short to Medium 2-5-day trips where you need 3-5 outfits. It can be used as a carry-on bag for most major airlines. Excellent for business trips where mobility and organization is paramount.

RISER IS SUPER THIN  - Don't worry about the Riser taking up any extra valuable space on your trip.

FITS INSIDE CARRY-ON - When you have a short to medium trip planed, keep organized by packing your RISER into a carry-on.

 FIT TWO INSIDE A FULL-SIZE SUITCASE - When you have a long-trip planned, you can pack either one or two Riser shelving in a full-size suitcase. If you only need one, then the other half of the suitcase is free for larger items.

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