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RV & Boats Black Water Odor Control

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RV & Boats Black Water Odor Control – the new technology for odor control in black water holding tanks. Black Water Odor Control is formulated with Stabitrol, a safe compound that holds nano-sized copper particles in suspension throughout the water column in holding tanks.


This benefit allows the nano-sized copper particles to remain available in harsh water environments, such as waste water, to instantly react with the odorous gases generated from organic waste and help eliminate uric salt build up in the lines. Black Water Odor Control is not heat sensitive; therefore, it remains effective at very elevated temperatures. It will not harm pipes or seals, and aids in cleaning the probes.


Our 16-ounce bottle of Black Water Odor Control is highly concentrated and contains 32 treatments. Just pour ½ ounce into the commode and flush. For best results, start treatment after pumping the tank to avoid mixing Black Water Odor Control with any other products that could negatively impact effectiveness.


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