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RV & Boats Gray Water Odor Control

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RV & Boats

Gray Water Odor Control – a specialized enzymatic product formulation for the breaking down of fatty materials such as grease, oils, and shower scum (including hair) that can “sour” water and generate unpleasant odors. Our product contains over 3 billion enzymes per 1-ounce treatment and is specifically developed for the fatty materials found in gray water tanks.

For best results, flush tank to remove any other compound-treatment then fill tank with clean water. Turn on the water in the shower or sink then pour 1- ounce of Gray Water Odor Control down the shower or sink drain while the water is running. Allow the water to run long enough after pouring to ensure that the product goes past the trap and into the tank (about 15 -20 seconds).

A 16-ounce bottle of Gray Water Odor Control contains 16 tanks treatments.


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