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RV's & Boats Super Digest for Black Water

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RV's & Boats Super Digest for Black Water – a highly concentrated enzymatic formulation for the “oops the solids are stuck and the tank won’t drain” time. Super Digest is the most concentrated product on the market and contains 9 aggressive digesting enzymatic strains with a count of over 15 billion microbes per 1-ounce treatment.

Depending on the severity of the “stacking” or clog, pour 1 – 3 ounces down the commode and flush. Allow several hours for Super Digest to “break through” then pump out the tank if necessary. Then pour in Camp Champ Black Water Odor

Control once the stacking or clogging issue is resolved. For protection against clogging, use Black Water Odor Control, wait 24 hours after treatment, then pour 1- ounce of Super Digest down the commode and flush. It will break down solids, toilet paper, and aids in cleaning probes too!


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