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Salsa by Klein Bros

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Made in Texas, USA

This native Texan didn’t become a real fan of salsa until college, when Saturdays centered around Aggie football and a big bowl of chips and salsa. With Klein Bros. line of salsa products, each has its own unique flavor and not just varying degrees of heat. Everyone will love the taste of our salsas, made in small batches using authentic Texas recipes. Because we don’t use preservatives, the sodium content is half the national brands without any sacrifice in flavor.

Select from the following flavors:

  • Peach Salsa – Mild

The classic peachy taste made famous in the Texas Hill Country paired with a delightful blend of tomatoes and spices give this sweet and mild salsa it's taste. It goes well with breakfast tacos, fish tacos, or chips.

  • Black Bean & Corn Salsa – Mild

A unique flavor alternative to traditional salsa. You'll love the texture of this mild salsa with whole corn and black beans blended with just the right amount of peppers and jalapenos. Don't miss this delicious treat!

  • Old San Antonio Picante Salsa – Mild

This delicious picante sauce chock thick with tomatoes and a blend of spicy, fresh ingredients is perfect for breakfast or anytime a mild, flavorful salsa is called for.

  • Cilantro Salsa – Medium

A great anytime salsa! Tangy tomatoes paired with the flavors of fresh cilantro, garlic, and peppers give this medium hot salsa a clean, fresh flavor.

  • Texas Caviar Black eyes – Medium

Don't miss this tangy, unique blend of black-eyed peas, onions, peppers, and jalapenos. This one is addictive! Fantastic with just chips or also serve as a relish with meats or topping to almost any dish!

  • Simple Salsa – Medium

Klein Bros. keeps it simple with our Simple Salsa! This recipe goes back to the basics using just tomatoes and jalapenos, picked at peak flavor and blended with just the right amount of spices to bring out an authentic, delicious salsa taste.   Whether you are a purist or just love great tasting salsa, give this one a try!

  • Fire Roasted Salsa – Medium Hot

We fire roast the tomatoes first for added flavor and then add generous amounts of onions, garlic and just enough jalapenos for the perfect amount of heat.

  • Salsa Verde – Medium Hot

Tomatillos, green chilies, and jalapenos give this green salsa it's unique flavor and some added heat. Goes great with chicken dishes!

  • Cowboy Up XXX Habanero – Really Hot

Hold on to your saddle, this one is hot! Really Hot!

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