La Belle Amie Vineyard's Spiced Wine

1 pkg Crown Mulling Spices
64 oz. Cranberry juice cocktail
1 bottle Red Table Wine or Chardonnay

in any kind of pot or crock pot.
Mix the cranberry juice cocktail and the package of Crown Mulling Spice.
Heat on low untill the mulling spice has dissolved.

Then do one of the following:
Version 1 - Full bodied hot drink: Add 1 bottle of Red Table Wine and heat but DO NOT LET BOIL. Serve in a mug, cup or wine glass.
Version 2 - Light cold drink: Remove from heat and add 1 bottle Chardonnay. Refrigerate and serve over ice in any type of glass

NOTE: Any leftovers may be refrigerated for up to two (2) Weeks. For instant pleasure in the winter heat in a mug in the microwave.