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Wine-A-Rita Mulling Spice

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Drink Mix in Gift Box

Create a fun, delicious frozen beverage.

What better way to welcome fall and the holidays than with a nice warm Mulling Spice. Blend with wine or apple juice and heat. Yields 64oz when blended with juice and 1.5L when blended with wine.


Proudly Made in the USA
6 oz Package in a box

A perfect & refreshing frozen drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic something for everyone. With the days getting longer and warmer, the drinks are getting cooler. I tend to spend a lot of time on our back porch with some kind of glass in hand. During the day, it may be Crystal Light pink lemonade or the evening it may be a chilled glass of white wine. I discovered these refreshing drink mixers and have ordered a few to enjoy on the warm summer nights! Classic drink mixes like peach bellinis, margaritas, and cosmopolitans and mixes them with wine. Just add white or red depending on the mix and blend.

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