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Salvy Sousa

Cocktail Mix - Bloody Bull - Bloody Mary Mix

Cocktail Mix - Bloody Bull - Bloody Mary Mix

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Our Bloody Marys aren't just for drinking!
The Bloody Bull will give a kick of awesomeness to your chili, soups, red sauces, etc.!!!

Best flavorful Bloody Mary mix in the world. The mix is spicy and thick to makes the perfect Bloody Mary when you add vodka.

Bloody Bull Bloody Mary Mix isn't just for drinking a bloody mary, it is also great to add to an ice cold beer! It will also add an awesome to kick to any soup, stew, or chili. Anything that you use a tomato base for just add a dash of this to your recipe and it is gonna knock your socks off!

Salvy Sousa is Made in the USA - Arkansas City, KS

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