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Pretzel Seasoning Mix - Hot & Sassy

Pretzel Seasoning Mix - Hot & Sassy

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Hot and Sassy Pretzel Seasoning as easy as 1..2..3.  There are times when you want just something GOOD !  Something salty, something tasty, easy to prepare.  Use the recipe that's on the back of package to cover pretzels and serve with our Sassy Green Sauce.  Contains: Jalapeño, White Cheddar Cheese Garlic, Onion, Sugar and other spices.

Also have cracker seasoning too:

Six Shooter Cracker Seasoning - Draw your guns!  This one needs no help. You won't be able to stop until they are all gone!

Lemon Pi' Cracker Seasoning - Love lemon? You'll love Lemon Pi' This is a sweet cracker seasoning for crackers. Yummy!


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