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Hillside Orchard Farms - Private Label

Tequila Jelly

Tequila Jelly

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This sweet and dazzling jelly is a blend with REAL tequila.
All you need is just one taste and you will simply want more.
The tequila (minus the worm!!!) adds a smooth taste that elevates this jelly from ordinary to extraordinary!

Proudly made in the USA
16 ounces

Any cracker would willingly give itself up just for the honour of being near this jelly.
It takes the simple piece of breakfast toast to new heights and makes an unadorned hors d'oeuvre, adored!
Try it on organic whipped cream cheese and a cracker. You will be amazed at what a simple jelly can do for a mid‐afternoon snack.
It is like sitting in the summer sun while dangling your toes in a cool mountain stream. Tequila Jelly is cool refreshing taste all in one..

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